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Work with Colors to Heal Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Work with Colors to Heal Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Working with Colors to Heal the Mind, Body and Soul

Colors are everywhere and we work with them from both an internal and external perspective. While seemingly separate on the surface, they both go hand in hand. As someone who is so colorful on the inside, my friends never understood why I always wore so much black. Anyone else relate? There’s something so effortless about it and as much as I love color, black outfits are a timeless classic. However, the more I explore color healing, the more I realize how powerful a colorful wardrobe can be on the psyche. Working with colors to heal the mind, body, and soul has created a deep connection with how I relate to different energy points internally. Each color vibrates at a certain frequency which permeates through our senses in different ways. While black remains a staple in my closet, adding new hues has allowed me to heal parts of myself I never knew needed attention.

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How Color Affects Us

While color healing isn’t a mainstream modality (yet), it is an inescapable part of our reality. Interior designers meticulously select colors to create a tranquil space or set a certain mood. On the other hand, advertisers are very specific when it comes to the colors used in a campaign. Take a look at some of the most popular and long-standing brands. Color coordination plays a crucial role in its sustainability. For example, if you walked into a daycare facility branded with colors of grey and black, you might not feel a sense of trust or wellbeing for children. The same goes for a financial institution. If you walked into a bank layered with pinks and yellows, you might not feel a deep sense of logical belonging .

There is a powerful frequency at play when it comes to our subconscious mind. Choosing colors that communicate specific messages is a science of its own. In a 2012 Ted Talk, Neil Harbisson adds a new perspective as to how we might perceive color by listening to its vibrations. After all, our sensory vision is only one way our body takes this energy in. We also receive color frequency through our energetic body.

Strength in Color Healing

Most of my personal experiences with color healing have to do with meditation, visualization and reiki as well as external applications in wardrobe and design.

Spanish is my native tongue. Growing up as an only child, I spent a lot of time around adult family members. I’d always cherish the moments where I’d get to spend time with my cousins. This meant one thing—play time. However, the only road block was language. My cousins didn’t speak Spanish fluently. It didn’t necessarily get in the way of play, but it did cause a strain in sharing ideas and storylines. It wasn’t until I enrolled in public school where I learned English fluently. Speaking English seemed easier for socialization purposes and I was able to converse with kids my own age. I almost abandoned my mother tongue out of fear of rejection. It is only in the recent years where I see how this affected me. This is where my color healing begins.

As I continue this journey, I find myself strengthening my relationship with my voice through various avenues. Color has played a major role during this period. A brief description of colors and their healing properties are listed below.

While I’ll always appreciate a chic black look, I owe a lot of my evolution to the color blue. My first exposure to this ideal was during a trip to the jungle in Costa Rica. I met a man who made necklaces out of various crystals. He asked me to pick one out for myself. Without suspect, I gravitated toward a turquoise necklace. This is where it all began for me.

Our spirit and subconscious have a way of choosing just what we need even if our minds aren’t consciously aware of it at the time. Slowly, I began to incorporate turquoise and sky blue into my outfits. Wearing specific colors is only one aspect when working with these frequencies to heal and grow. Light therapy is a popular method used to heal specific ailments such as SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

The connection between colors and their properties allows us to actively choose how we see ourselves and present that to the world. The intention behind your color selections plant a seed that allows you to express yourself from a more connected place. By incorporating blue, I have strengthened my voice as I continue to work through limiting beliefs I previously held. The fear of rejection or not being understood influenced me in ways I was not fully aware of. At the time, choosing the turquoise necklace might not have been a conscious decision, but it led me to discover a healing path I’d incorporate to my practice for the rest of my life.

The intention behind your outfits is just as much external as it is internal. Other ways to work with colors to heal include meditation and visualization.

Colors and Healing Properties

Working with Colors to Heal

Rejected Colors vs. Comfort Colors

What’s your favorite color at the moment? There’s just as much a reason why you are drawn to a specific hue or shade the same as why you might reject another. Each color is associated with its own characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. Perhaps you are drawn to a color because it represents an area you feel strong in. Alternatively, you might feel a need of support in another area which pulls you to a certain color. This was the case with my turquoise necklace.

When you find yourself rejecting certain colors this might signify work needed to heal a past trauma or memory. Working with color to heal the mind, body and soul is similar to working with light. Without light color would not exist. The same way the sun radiates healing energy necessary for growth and nourishment, each color radiates at its own frequency to channel specific energy points in our field.


Red is associated with the earth element—the root chakra. Key characteristics include grounding, security, survival, and support. Wearing red encourages and strengthens a connection to the foundation we build our lives upon. If you feel unsupported, wear red to connect with this energy.


Wearing orange strengthens areas relating to creativity and sensuality—the sacral chakra. It is associated with the water element having to do with flow and flexibility. If you’d like to strengthen aspects of yourself having to do with sensuality, creativity, or emotions, orange is a great addition to your everyday wardrobe.


Yellow functions with the solar plexus chakra governing willpower, self-discipline, and decision making. Wearing this color strengthens the way we assert ourselves in the world. If you are feeling an imbalance with the way you will the external world into existence, add more yellow to strengthen this area.


This color is all around us in the natural world painting the leaves of the tallest trees to the shortest blades of grass, green represents love and compassion. Incorporating green into your daily wardrobe helps strengthen any blockages in forgiveness, empathy, self-love, and relationships. The more you identify with this color, the more you’ll find a deeper connection with the natural beauty that surrounds and exists within you.


Blue governs the throat chakra. Most popularly known for its power of sound, the throat center is where we express our personal truths and connect with etheric realms. Exercising this energy can be catalyzed by wearing aquamarine and turquoise colors to instill expressive balance.


As we soar into etheric levels, purple relates to vision, intuition, and psychic abilities. By incorporating more purple into your wardrobe, you invite the opening of your third eye. Sustaining the third eye requires focus for a sense of trust and letting go in order to let in. The color purple allows us to tune into this frequency and align with intuitive visions.


Violet, as well as white, is often associated with higher states of consciousness and the universal energies that surround us on a subtle level. Wearing these colors connects us to an ultimate level of liberation.


White objects do not absorb but rather fully reflect all visible wavelengths of light. It is commonly associated with purity, honesty, and cleanliness. This is a great place to start when working with colors to heal the mind, body, and soul.


Black is the absence of color absorbing all equally while reflecting none. It symbolizes the potential of oneness and commonly associated with respect, mystery, and elegance.

Color in Practice

It is important to take the descriptions above and apply them as needed. Colors are not perceived universally. Whether your culture or life experiences define them one way, it is up to you to be attentive to the senses you experience. Remember that the external is a representation of the internal.

My experiences with color healing are ever-evolving and it has made a tremendous impact on my personal growth. As our perceptions differ depending on where we sit on the mountain, it is up to you to determine what feels right. While I prefer to visualize in meditation and work with color in my wardrobe, some might find it more effective to decorate their space with specific colors or seek them out in the natural world. Working with colors to heal the mind, body, and soul goes beyond what our five senses absorb. There are subtle energies at play and I have noticed the more we find stillness in our practice the easier it is to receive these vibrational flows. After all, we’re all here to play and co-create our own experience.