‘We’re Returning to the Grand Remembering of Us All’ with Adrian Vallera, Founder of DisclosureFest Foundation

‘We’re Returning to the Grand Remembering of Us All’ with Adrian Vallera, Founder of DisclosureFest Foundation

DisclosureFest™ Foundation is a multi-cultural, donation and community-based nonprofit platform. Our Foundation unites heart-centered, like-minded people, donors and sponsors in an effort to raise consciousness, provide education on health and wellness and create awareness of global, environmental and humanitarian initiatives through on-going monthly volunteer-based events and programs.

In these moments, resources are an ultimate savior when navigating through peculiar times. For some, resources are virtually endless as apps swiftly flip through glowing screens. For others, finding refuge within a safe space to rest their head makes the mark. When it comes to the notion of resources, we’re poised to explore a question that weighs the necessary from the distraction; the nourishment from the depletion. As we began our conversation, Adrian Vallera, healer and founder of DisclosureFest Foundation, reconvened with updates from last weekend’s “Feed Our Souls Initiative.” His drive and devotion for the organization wove like a thread of natural breath as the discussion unfolded. The work being done goes beyond community service or our own healing. Hands down, the efforts have already impacted the planet and her communities, both physically and energetically.

“It’s going to end up turning into something really amazing,” Adrian begins. The initiatives that makeup DisclosureFest Foundation have restored waterways, planted trees, provided homeless individuals with resources, offered healing, educated communities, and this is only the beginning. Here, the mentality of reciprocation goes beyond giving to receive, but rather healing to heal. “The thought behind it and the download behind it is that it can sustain itself. People can step out of this matrix paradigm reality that we created to be in and remember important ascension keys that lie dormant when you’re stuck in this like paradigm we created instead of remembering being of service is one of the most important activations,” Adrian adds.

As time blends into itself, people are beginning to feel the effects of their lifestyle head-on. Many are beginning to see they are not their 9 to 5 job or their weekend leisure activities. Without a sea of external reflections to base identities off, we are given space to sit with not who, but what we truly are. 

DisclosureFest is most popularly known for its Mass Meditation Initiative as well as its annual festival. However, the work goes deeper than meets the third eye. The initiatives are a big part of what makes DisclosureFest Foundation what it is and each year a new initiative is added. 

Annual Meditation Event Flyer via DisclosureFest Foundation

DisclosureFest Foundation’s Current Initiatives:

  • The Mass Meditation Initiative
  • The Clean Air Initiative
  • The Starseed Initiative
  • The Feed Our Souls Initiative
  • The Beach ’N River CleanupInitiative
  • The Every Elder Initiative

“There is so much trauma we’re still needing to release, wounding, contracts, and karma. A lot of times it’s hard to activate it. It’s so present and rooted in a DNA level, but to be able to activate it you really need some sort of interaction,” Adrian advises. Each initiative is intended to work with energetic points in our body to assist in our grand remembering.

For example, the Every Elder Initiative invites ancestral healing. “When you’re sitting with a senior, they’re forgotten away… They’re mostly alone, but they’ve had this incredible life experience. So when you can activate them, start communicating, remembering, empowering, and feeling good… Getting that empowerment in, then all of a sudden there’s this spark. From there you’re connecting to some of your deep stuff.” Similar to a ceremonial setting there is a period of integration that presents itself. “It takes days after these initiatives, but you’re there processing. Then next weekend you can go on a Starseed Initiative… Totally different… Sitting there dancing with children dealing with homelessness. All of this… It’s really beautiful.”

As we navigate through the current pandemic, gathering in community has taken a different shape within the same mold. More recently, DisclosureFest has implemented live virtual mass meditations to provide resources like breath work, workshops, and musical performances online. It’s free and widely accessible to the global community. “As our city leaders have noted, it is truly a time to come together, apart,” Adrian states in a press release. The virtual live stream events are continuing to take place every Tuesday and Wednesday from 2-4 PDT.

“We are excited to bring our community this offering and are holding space for our annual event to take place as planned this summer.” The yearly festival has been rescheduled to occur during Lion’s Gate on August 8, 2020.

Feed Against the Machine

This is what rebellion looks like. Photo via DisclosureFest Foundation

The media often portrays the rebel archetype as an angsty and troubled teen. Yet when we look at the definition, a rebel is “a person who resists any authority, control, or tradition.” As we actively peer within, we continually redefine what it means to be a rebel. Rather than raging against preconceived notions, we are invited to re-decide where our energy goes. 

“We’re feeding a machine,” Adrian declares. “We’re not even sure what we’re feeding every day by going to work, paying our taxes. We don’t even know what that is, but we’re putting a ton of energy in that. Then what is left over is really just service to self in a survival mode.”

I’ll use the well-known example of the wolf. There are two wolves within our being. One can be seen as the “bad” wolf while the other is often termed as the “good” wolf. If we’re approaching this from a dualistic perspective, we can leave it at that. However, in unity, all is one. Whichever wolf we feed is the energy we will receive. In the words of Gregg Braden, “It’s not good, bad, right or wrong.” It just is. 

There is this open window in time. We’ve all been given access to it. The opportunity lies in the invitation to either turn to external sources or to sit with ourselves. We get to clearly see where we are feeding our energy. Is it nourishing? Does it allow room for introspection? Do you feel fulfilled afterward? Or is it depleting you and leading you to find comfort in the arms of distractive novelties? 

The initiatives bring out a blossoming opportunity to direct energy beyond survival mode or vegetative reception. Adrian describes, “Stepping out of that into a service paradigm, where you’re kind of stepping away from service to self, for a moment, and just really seeing the reflection of yourself in somebody down the street… Or remember our connection with our great mother…” in regards to The Clean Air Initiative. “Or like really tapping into your inner-child and wounding when we’re at our Starseed Initiative with children… Or tapping into ancestral wounding and contracts when we’re working with our seniors,” which correlates to the most recently added Every Elder Initiative. 

The energy Adrian brings to the conversation is nostalgic with a futuristic appeal. His passion and groundedness in this work is the kind of enthusiasm you’d receive from a new friend urging you to join their club in high school. It’s mesmerizing and by no means does this make Adrian new to this world in any way. His background in the music industry has brought him to work with big names like Incubus and Slipknot. However, after 20 years managing and working with well-known bands, reflections and inner-work led him to a new unfolding.

“That’s when I really discovered coming out of deep shadow work that DisclosureFest came through and I was supposed to bring all this knowledge as a conscious promotor, as a record label, as a band and artist manager, and as a marketing pro,” Adrian intimately shares. His experience propelled, rather than jaded him to take what he learned and alchemize it into the next part of his journey.

Surrendering to the Flow

Photo via DisclosureFest Foundation

A lot of DisclosureFest Foundation’s birthing process centered around surrender. If you’re anything like anyone, you’ll know it is not always easy, but it is best embraced. Everything about DisclosureFest Foundation has been, and continues, to be cultivated from a place of surrender and trust. 

There was a lot of learning and growing during the earlier days. “Man this transmission is telling me I have to do this festival for free?!” Adrian reflects. “And I was like I don’t vibe with that. This is not a sustainable model. I’m like ok. For myself, I have to surrender and trust that that is what the universe is asking me to work with and produce this platform and festivals that are not cheap.”

A free festival with massive art installations, performers, and workshops is no easy feat. Neither is redefining an entire belief system around cultural norms. However, the option to donate has shifted perspectives around energetic exchanges—especially when it comes to attending something as powerful as DisclosureFest’s annual festival.

Our planet’s current vibration pushes us out of our comfort zone and into the unknown. In Adrian’s experience, the marriage between his successful music career and devoted spiritual practice, he has been able to bring it all into the conscious landscape. 

Building relationships with artists like Mike Love, Trevor Hall, Desert Dwellers, and more, Adrian declares, “This is the music for the next generation. This is the music that is going to help get on the mainstream channels. When kids are in their room dissecting lyrics… These are the lyrics we want to dissect now.”

Higher frequencies are navigating us to lighter dimensions that require a massive change. Although our current reality is showing a lot of our collective shadows, there is only darkness before the dawn. As lower vibrations flicker away, we begin to see a new age of artistry, expression, and performance. Layer by layer, we peel the old skin and step into our rightful evolution.

“Ascension is like a hot air balloon. The more we drop the sandbags the higher we go. There is no beginning, no end to us. Because of that, there is no time limit to this growth. We need to constantly relearn a million times. That’s okay there is no right or wrong. We have an infinite amount of time to figure this out,” Adrian assures.

Learn more about DisclosureFest Foundation’s initiatives, volunteer opportunities, and upcoming events on their website.

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