These Iridescent Clouds In Siberia Look Like Soap Bubbles in the Sky

Avatar Flux Air Team | January 3, 2020

At 14,783 ft, photographer Svetlana Kazina captured otherworldly images of iridescent clouds in Siberia. These clouds often occur when ice crystals are present in the sky scattering light. Native to Siberia, Kazina snapped these breathtaking pictures of the glowing sky over Belukha mountain.

“The clouds in my photos are so thin that they look more like lace,” says Svetlana.

The effects of iridescent clouds in Siberia are a type of photometer, an optic phenomenon, similar to sundogs which create a halo around the sun.

Photo by Svetlana Kazina

If you know me, I have dreams of traveling across Siberia via transit. These iridescent clouds in Siberia make for captivating photos. I can only imagine what this must look like on location.

Iridescent Clouds in Siberia
Photo by Svetlana Kazina
Photo by Svetlana Kazina

According to Kazina, “The wind at this height was so strong that the cloud ‘lace’ changed every second.”

These vast soap-like iridescent clouds in Siberia are a rare sight. However, minuscule rainbows occur in clouds throughout the world. Just look up and you’ll see!