‘The Beauty of Earth Immortalized’ Showcases An Unforgettable Visual Journey (WATCH)

‘The Beauty of Earth Immortalized’ Showcases An Unforgettable Visual Journey (WATCH)

Photo by NASA

In the vastness of a cold and dark space vacuum lives the well-known yet wondrous sphere we all call home. Earth is a spectacular specimen in its own right. However, the many gifts and offerings our home provide us with often get overlooked by the masses. How is it that such brilliance grows to be so mundane? If anything is certain, may these captivating shots remind us of the harmonic dance between life’s resilience and its delicate nature.

The breathtaking documentary below features over a dozen astronauts as they share their experience and lessons learned from gaining new perspectives miles above our planet. The imagery alone is enough to remind you to step out tonight and look at the stars, while the commentary will humble you to reflect on how you might improve the footsteps you leave behind. 

“I don’t want this to go away, and I don’t want to be the only one to see this, and there are so many people that need to see it, but only a handful will in this lifetime…”


A World Undivided… 

The rich colors and textures are but one of the many reminders of an elegant home, while the great perspective offers a touch on the interconnectivity that will always remain true. Free from state lines, tolls, and the rules that govern different time zones, our planet’s undivided character zooms us out from the daily illusion we are no stranger to—separation. 

“So when you look at the Earth from that vantage point you and I know, I know others have said this, you don’t see the borders, you don’t see political borders, you hardly see geographical borders…”

Experience this visual journey from thunderstorm activity dancing along the earth’s surface to the fantastical gaps and ridges of an otherworldly design. Whether you are a tree-hugging babe or just starting to dabble in a more regenerative lifestyle, nothing can inspire you to keep going when nudged by celestial bodies.

“To me, it started to make me understand that everything is connected, what is happening in the ocean over here, can affect what is happening on land over here, it’s just all one… being! A thing! And it’s all interconnected.”

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