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Plot Twist: Your Subconscious Mind Is On Your Side

Plot Twist: Your Subconscious Mind Is On Your Side

Brain image depicting subconscious mind

You might be running on auto-pilot, or as my good friend calls it, ‘default-mode,’ without even being aware of it. On most occasions, operating from the subconscious cockpit can be beneficial and even lifesaving. For example, your subconscious is the force that keeps your heart beating and lungs breathing while you are in a deep slumber. It also programs directions to the grocery store, so you don’t have to pull out navigation every time. Without subconscious mind patterns, we’d give up the luxury of time to pull a Drew Barrymore and constantly relearn what we do on a daily basis. 

Despite all of the ways the subconscious mind helps make our lives easier, we can look to this deep layer as a means for self-improvement and further usher our evolution—both from a personal and collective standpoint. We might not be fully aware of many habits that keep us in the same box, playing small. This might very well be the reason the subconscious mind gets a bad rap. However, as we grow closer to our subconscious, we create the possibility to restructure limiting beliefs and rewrite our story. 

The subconscious mind has a record of everything.

This is a quick exercise you can do right now. Take a good look at the information you take in, from the shows you watch to the conversations you engage in. What does your inventory hold? Is it inspiring you to take leaps forward, or is it keeping you where you’ve been? 

It may seem unimportant at first, but the subconscious mind keeps a record of everything and stores it away. This means if you are indulging in mindless scrolling, the subconscious mind has an account of it. Therefore, we must build our mindfulness techniques if we want to program our subconscious minds to our highest good. 

The subconscious runs on habit

Big or small, habits can be an indicator determining how our intentions will meet reality. A few bad habits can squander the most fantastic of dreams and purest of intentions. Think about the days you punch snooze on your alarm even though you knew you wanted to catch the magnificent hues of a morning sunrise. While we’ve all been there, it doesn’t mean we must stay there.  

Since our subconscious mind runs on habits, there are options to break and rewire those no longer serving us. Start small. If you are prone to hitting the snooze button, perhaps you might set up a system where you go to sleep earlier or even set the alarm in another room to make it more challenging to go back to your default mode. 

This is just one example that can have an impact on practices that dictate your day. The more we build upon fruitful traditions, the better we can rely on our subconscious mind to serve our highest awareness. Think of it as a game. You’re leveling up, one by one.

It never sleeps

Think of the subconscious mind as a guard who is on overnight duty. Bodily functions like your breath and heartbeat continue 24/7 and this is true for any programs we have set around beliefs, self worth, and so on. The subconscious mind can also be seen as a child or as your best friend. It is always there just waiting to take directions on how to support you best based on what you tell it to do.

It takes in the billboard signs when driving and even the people you cross on your walk. Whether you are aware of this or not, the subconscious mind absorbs everything in your peripheral and makes sense of it according to its own design. 

This is why it is essential to treat it with care. At the conscious level, you might not be aware of what is being digested, but the subconscious filters in every piece of information. Pay attention to the places you allow yourself to reside, the health of your relationships, and the agreements you continue to agree to.

It knows no logic

None. Not one bit. 

Think about one of your dreams. What do you dream for yourself in this life? Maybe you dream of owning property or freeing yourself from a constricting job. The subconscious mind is there to either help build it or destroy it. It doesn’t know logic or the limits of time. 

If your subconscious mind is riddled with limiting beliefs and surrounded by people who project doubt, you might struggle to envision yourself actualizing your dream. However, if you take it back to the previous step and revisit the construction of your surroundings, you’ll be well on your way to designing a space that supports what aligns with your deepest desires. 

Set your goals and envision the feeling with clarity and detail. The subconscious only knows how to feel. Therefore, what you feel in the subconscious becomes real.

It believes everything you say.

Be careful what you wish for and mind the jokes you share. 

It’s not enough that the subconscious mind is always listening because it also believes everything it hears. Language is an extensive player in the worlds we have created, and it has the power to support or shatter. So while I won’t tell you to stand before the mirror and recite a list of empowering yet empty words, I will remind you to look at the beliefs you hold. How do you express this into being? Do you genuinely believe what you say, or is it just a program feeding a repetitive thought loop? 

Take it back to your habits and start small. You might be surprised at the things you recognize in your speech. Bonus tip: Keeping a journal can be a helpful way to pinpoint patterns in how you talk about yourself or view the world. 

It communicates to you in dreams

Whether you remember them or not, we dream every single night. In fact, we often have multiple dreams that speak to us through symbols and patterns. Pay attention to the messages that come up in the dream realm as they hold powerful clues to tapping into the subconscious mind.

If you find it difficult to remember your dreams, keep a pen and paper on the nightstand. Upon waking, record whatever memories resurface. It doesn’t need to be fully coherent either. In my experience, the fragments I remember are the pieces of my dream that spoke loudest to me. You’ll also gain a better memory the more you practice dream journaling. 

Give yourself space to reflect on what certain symbols might mean to you throughout the day before jumping online to look them up. Then, begin to ask yourself how these symbols can help sharpen your intuition and guide you toward the callings of your heart. 

It can’t take a joke

This goes back to the fact that your subconscious mind believes everything you say. Any joke that goes against your greatest good is taken as fact, as truth. Using words wisely and with proper intent can feel challenging at first, depending on subconscious conditioning. 

If you’re familiar with the water study conducted by Masaru Emoto, you see how molecules respond to sound vibration and resonance. It’s a great testament to the sensitivity we all hold, especially since our bodies are primarily made of water. 

You can experiment on yourself right now. First, say something mean and listen to how it feels in your body. Now, say something sweet and listen. Notice the shift that occurs. Then, perhaps, you can implement a small habit by setting a mantra you return to throughout the day. 

The subconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind

You can tell yourself you’re going to be a millionaire all you want, but if you don’t set the conditions for your subconscious mind to believe, then you’ll encounter more setbacks on your journey. Trust me, I don’t make the rules. 

For the most part, our subconscious mind rules 95% of our reality. It’s like the iceberg model. From the surface, all we can see is the white cap. However, beneath the depths of the water lie the full body in its entirety. If that’s the case, we can tap into the subconscious reservoir of endless information, insights, and messages. It’s just not fully visible to those who aren’t looking deep down. 

The conscious mind can only carry itself as far as the subconscious mind allows. Look within and bring this back to the habits you instill, and you are sure to cruise in the ways you have always known you deserved. You do deserve it.

It can do more than one thing at once

While the conscious mind cannot multitask, the subconscious mind is typically doing more than one thing at a time. From taking in sounds and symbols, the subconscious is an orchestra of reception.

From one perspective, this means the subconscious mind can take in all sorts of junk and limiting information, whether it be music, images, food, or even people. On the other hand, it can take in positive affirmations and construct new pathways for the conscious mind to grow and expand. Some examples include listening to meditative sounds as you drift into a deep slumber. Even though the conscious mind is asleep, the subconscious still takes in the information and stores it in its database.

The environments we surround ourselves with play a significant role in our perspectives—whether we’re fully aware or not. Why not shape it to your advantage?

Despite what you might think, the subconscious mind wants what is best for you.

More often than not, the subconscious mind gets hella bad press. The moody and dark undertones are by no means subtle, which often make tackling subconscious beliefs feel like a minefield. However, just like wading in the deep side of the pool, mastering the subconscious mind becomes less mysterious once you learn how to swim with it, rather than against it. Take it from me. It is a practice I am cultivating daily from the levels of compassion I experience to the words I spell into reality.

If you have a limiting belief surrounding confidence and self-esteem, the subconscious mind is acting this out through your speech, your posture, your agreements, and your dreams, to name a few. Knowing how these patterns show up makes it easier to shine a light on what might feel dark and heavy. This article is just a taste of subconscious mechanics. As I continue to pave my path forward, I’m delving deeper into the parts of my mind that are unseen. 

Not only does forming a relationship with our subconscious allow us to bring deep-rooted beliefs to the surface. But, it also brings forth the opportunity to merge these new agreements with the heart to lead a life led with courage and coherence.