How to Fluently Speak the Language of Synchronicity

How to Fluently Speak the Language of Synchronicity

Speaking the Language of Synchronicity

The term “synchronicity” has naturally expanded its reach over the past decade. However, the distinction between synchronicity and mere coincidence often overlap. Even more so, there is a language beneath the surface. Coined by Carl Jung, synchronicity is defined as the acausal connection of two or more psychic and physical phenomena. This is not the same as coincidence which is commonly ascribed to the belief having to do with chance occurrence through probability. The difference between synchronicity and coincidence lies not only in the invitation to view these occurrences through a shifted perspective, but with the realization of a deeper presence beneath the surface. In its essence, synchronicity is a reminder that we play a specific role as co-creators of our reality. To speak the language of synchronicity is to understand and work with the subtle nudges that guide us along our path.

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Learning the Language of Synchronicity

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

—Nikola Tesla

There is a vibration that runs through our every being and every molecule in this universe. When we think about this in terms of language, the first example that comes to mind is the spoken word. To effectively communicate through spoken word, we must utilize the vocal cords in our throat to form sounds, words, and sentences. There are a set of rules we follow when communicating with others to ensure we convey our thoughts and emotions in a way the recipient can understand and communicate a response. It’s a process where we give, interpret, and in turn receive. This is true for any language—whether it be sign language, computer coding, or the interconnectedness of fungi and tree communication.

Synchronicity is no different. It is just one of the languages the universe uses to communicate with us. It’s first and the main purpose is to wake us up or jolt us out of our typical way of functioning. These “mere coincidences” will be just enough to stop you in your tracks and make you wonder for a moment. From here you’ll start seeing yourself differently, becoming more aware as your consciousness expands. Just with the spoken word, this is the first part, where you listen.


To speak the language of synchronicity is to slow down and pay attention to the ways in which the external world matches the frequency of your internal world. This is where listening becomes important. You’re giving your time and directing your attention in a specific way. In my experience, I am reminded of this on a regular basis. For example, if I’m in alignment and open to receiving, the synchronicities line up in a way that makes reality appear to be malleable—which it most definitely is. The other side of this coin exists when I am not in alignment or when I am not focusing on the right things. This will typically manifest itself in stress, poor timing, and more. Each of us have our own ways of listening in to keep us on the right path to become our greatest versions, forming fruitful relationships, actualizing dreams, and giving back.


As you begin to listen to what arrives before you, you’ll invite the process of interpretation. While there are an array of synchronistic approaches, the right ones will appear in relation to a situation you are experiencing. Rather than looking up angel number definitions or reading dream symbols, take a moment to experience the feeling each sign gives you. You can look to outside sources afterward for additional guidance if needed. However, the more you listen and interpret, the more your intuition develops making it unnecessary for anything other than what you feel called to.


The process of listening in and interpreting opens you up to everything that has ever been waiting for you. After all, it’s already here. You just have to acknowledge and accept it. Remember, you can also give the same energy back by asking to receive. Communication is a two-way street.

Murakami’s Synchronicity Model

Murakami's Synchronicity Model

Aaron Murakami is a multidisciplinary researcher and inventor who developed a model to further explore the mysteries of synchronicity. While the inner circles represent the conscious mind, the outer circles represent the subconscious and the relationship with all. Not only does this tie in with our own conscious and subconscious, but it also takes account for the collective unconscious.

Note-Worthy Examples

Synchronicity Sign

Repeating Numbers

111, 222, 333, 444… Do these look familiar? While it’s not always necessary for numbers to appear in a consecutive pattern, this is often the most popular form of synchronicity perceived by the collective. Repetition in numerals is commonly known as angel numbers. This typically correlates to a specific message depending on what you see. In a universe ruled by numbers, you’ll start to connect these dots as you open up to them. Seeing certain numbers on a regular basis is one of the many synchronicities telling you, you’re on the right path.

Recently, the number 711 has been my synchronistic friend on this adventure as I navigate through this journey. Perhaps yours might be one of the consecutive angel numbers listed above or vary in its formation with repeating numbers.

Dream Symbols

If you’re already lucid dreaming and making the most of REM potential, you might have already experienced this in several ways. However, there is a vast majority who claim they don’t dream. How could this be? In fact, we dream multiple times a night it just so happens that these dreams are often forgotten.

Listening to your dreams is a powerful tool in understanding how symbols present themselves to you. Dreams aren’t always a straightforward message. The message lies in symbolism and it varies per dreamer.

A good way to practice and strengthen these interpretations is to start a dream journal. This helps in dream memorization, inducing lucidity, and providing clarity to better understand your psyche.

While there are many theories as to the purpose dreams serve, one thing is certain, you are the one experiencing it. How you choose to interact with that part of yourself is completely up to you.

Perfect Timing

When you’re constantly running late or feel out of place it’s typically a sign that you are not in alignment. I’ve been there and it’s a humbling, yet hard pill to swallow. However, as you listen and interpret you’ll understand what is causing you to feel off. While it’s not ideal to feel off, it is just as an important reminder to get back on track.

When you experience seamless moments and perfect timing, the external world will reveal even more to you.

I recently made a change in my life which required a lot of inward listening, strength, and ultimately letting go. During a dinner date with my friend, we bounced off one another as we shared different imaginings, experiences, and dreams with one another. The magical part about it was the music in the background. Throughout the night, we noticed how the songs that played each matched the tone and vibration of what we were speaking. The higher our conversation elevated, the more positive the music became.

Interacting with Synchronicity

My personal experiences with synchronicity have led to an interactive experience as a co-creator of my life. If you remember from our lucid dream series, I mention a lucid experience that wiped the fear out of learning how to surf as I got to vividly experience riding a wave in my dream. I’ve been fortunate to have friends who share the same passions and even take me out to the waves. What can you overcome in a lucid dream, realization of angel numbers, and perfect timing? Synchronicity is as much of a messenger as you are. Interact with it and acknowledge it’s interaction with you. You might just find fluency in the ways in which you speak the language of synchronicity. After all, it’s already speaking to you.

Remember: Synchronicities are like winks from the universe 😉 They are a reflection of your inner world and the signs are everywhere. While it’s easy to categorize these as mere “coincidences” the difference lies in how it presents itself to you and the underlying subtleties.