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Lena Belle’s Latest Song Channels Native American Rainbow Prophecy That Eerily Relates to Worldwide Pandemic

Lena Belle’s Latest Song Channels Native American Rainbow Prophecy That Eerily Relates to Worldwide Pandemic


The Native American rainbow prophecy states, “When the Earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people will come unto the Earth from many colors, classes, and creeds and who by their actions and deeds shall make the Earth green again. They will be known as the ‘Warriors of the Rainbow.’”

Lena Belle is an artist, healer, and teacher who channels messages into song to raise the vibration of our planet. Her latest single, “Rainbow” couldn’t have come at a better time.

In the song, she sings of the bringers the light in an otherwise dark time. Collectively, we are facing extreme changes as we phase through the coronavirus, a global pandemic. Old systems and structures are crushing before our eyes. While moments of uncertainty are progressing, what awaits on the other end is pure love. The “Rainbow” music video, which will be part of the upcoming album, Nature Knows, is filled with a spectrum of colors celebrating the buddha within, queer acceptance and pride, and human solidarity. We are in this together.

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“As I was writing this song, I was getting images of the prophecy of the rainbow, the prophesized Rainbow warriors rising up, planting the seeds for a bright future for humanity and the Earth. And I started seeing little Buddhas in everyone.” She adds, “I believe Buddha is just the enlightened nature in everyone. Buddha is not a specific man but that supreme consciousness we all have within ourselves. I don’t believe we have to wait for anyone to save us. We are our own saviors. I don’t need to be healed. I just need to allow myself to remember who I am.” We continue to converse about her spiritual journey, music endeavors, and the beauty brought within change.

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The messages in this song come at a time where it is needed most. Lena Belle reminds you of the power you hold within. While this song is relevant at any time, it is eerily shocking how much truth this message rings right now. The world is in a state of flux. We’re seeing the flaws held within our current society. There is a shift occurring in systems of health, economics, and environmental affairs. The coronavirus is not to be viewed from the lens of fear, but rather from the perspective of embracing change.

Embarking on the Spiritual Path and Converging with Music

Remember, the only constant is change. With that being said, the truth remains the same. In Lena’s case, she has always been an admirer of the arts. Growing up with a father who spent most of his time directing the choir, she lived and breathed music. “I’ve always been into music and sang in the grocery stores when I was very young,” Lena shares. She continued to study classical music at Easton drawing from inspirations like Regina Spektor. Growing through personal shifts, she battled with severe acne and different stressors. Lena explored holistic healing and dubs the book “Live, Eat, Pray, Love” as one of her inspirations to embarking on the spiritual journey. “I ended up getting into zen meditation first in college. That really helped my mind settle,” Lena gathers. While music was always the plan, it wasn’t until she began the spiritual path where new dreams became present. 

“There were fears. I used to keep my spirituality under wraps. I didn’t realize it could be accepted,” Lena admits. She continued to learn about emotional release and healing the heart wall in her body. Upon this freeing release, “I started to be more of myself, more confident, more embodied—even a shift in my voice,” Lena shares. “At that point I realized the power of self-healing and the power it can do.”

Lena Belle Live Performance

From here, it wasn’t a matter of hiding spirituality or playing small. Lena knew she needed to continue music through an avenue of consciousness and light. “The moment my music merged with my spirituality… And where music didn’t have to be separate was so cool for me. I realized there is this whole world for spiritual music.” Lena has been growing an organic fanbase by performing original music at local venues, hotels, and restaurants. Lena moved to the Big Apple and continued to perform throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn before co-producing her first EP “My Own Way” in 2015. With thousands of listeners spanning 78 countries across the world, Lena prepares to release her full album, Nature Knows this summer. Lena continues to create music and offer healing meditations like this self-love and forgiveness meditation on her Facebook page.

Trusting Your Intuition and Inner-Guru

Lena shares the gems of wisdom she has picked up so far on her journey. While her spiritual unfolding presented itself to Lena in her 20s, she mentions intuition was always a close friend of hers from an early age. 

“It is important to say no and lock into our gut when something doesn’t feel right,” Lena advises.

This is true on every occasion. Especially when external influences can appear to be wiser or know better. Lena puts it simply when it comes to intuition, “Go with what the body says.”

As we find ourselves blessed to be home, take this time to look within. We are presented with an opportunity for self-reflection. How can you pull the different colors from inside and view your own rainbow? What current belief systems can you shed new light on?

“Rainbow” Cover Art

Whether you are new to the spiritual path or embarking on a journey, obstacles will always stand before us. “I believe that everything presented along the path is a blessing,” Lena shines. From a spiritual to career perspective, Lena has learned a lot about making a full-length album and trusting the process. “It can get so scary like I’m jumping off a ledge alone. It’s also so unknown.” Lena admits. “There are scary moments when you’re really going for it. It’s ok to feel that fear,” she continues.

Following our hearts doesn’t mean fear is never present. It means we choose love in trusting all will work out as it is meant to because it always does. This is especially true in Lena’s “Rainbow” where we are reminded of the power of the light. A song that sheds wisdom on the differences that make us unique also celebrates the love that is present for every community. “There is support for you. Even if it is not your family… When you do come out in the way that is best for you, there will be more support for you. There will be love. You’ve always been worthy of love,” Lena touches regarding those in the LGBTQIA community. 


This goddess is a channel of strength, love, and embracing change. “I love tasting the flavors of life and just being with the moment. Life is so beautiful in so many ways. Even the sadness that passes the body… As they pass, they can be enjoyed and tasted. Everything is welcome.”

Nature Knows releases in the summer of 2020 with additional songs of feminine activation and a French cover. To listen and explore Lena’s world including behind the scenes footage, songs, and more text LENABELLE to 44222.

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