Shapr’s Founder, Ludovic Huraux, On the Importance of Serendipity and Networking

Shapr’s Founder, Ludovic Huraux, On the Importance of Serendipity and Networking

Ludovic Huraux is a French entrepreneur who launched Shapr in 2014. It’s a networking app that brings the wonder of serendipity and practicality of networking to its users on a daily basis. Huraux shares some of his story as an entrepreneur as well as the heart and vision behind Shapr.

The start of each day meets us with unknown opportunity. Perhaps you will meet the love of your life today or maybe you’ll make a friend who will change your life. There are no certainties and that creates a space for endless wonder. During Huraux’s venture to expand his first project, Attractive world, a dating app, he met a woman on the plane ride to the states. It’s the unexpected occurrences that tend to have the most profound outcomes. Ludovic has always been a curious and open-minded spirit from a young age. This is an important outlook Shapr aims to bring its users on a daily basis. 

The classic networking model is often treated as a transactional experience. One might hand out their business card, discuss job opportunities and industry related topics. Shapr is going beyond our preconceived beliefs toward meeting others and has made networking a daily habit. You never know who you might meet. Whether you are a student seeking to gain experience or a seasoned professional, there are no limits as to how connections made can not only improve your life but also provide fulfillment.

How can you build connections to lead a more open and fulfilled life? Download the app today. We’ll see you there.