New Moon in Libra: Cultivating Balance and Boundaries

New Moon in Libra: Cultivating Balance and Boundaries


What does it mean to have healthy boundaries and strong balance?

We are presented with a new moon in Libra inviting us to look at our relationships from all sides. What are your relationships like right now and how do you wish for them to be? Do you find yourself saying yes to projects you’re not entirely passionate about? Perhaps you have walls built up for protection and miss out on opportunities? This is where healthy boundaries come in for the win. They allow us to respect our own needs while still being able to provide for others.

The new moon marks fresh beginnings and creates space for manifesting dreams and ideas. Known as the diplomat and relationship-based star sign Libra dictates all things balance, harmony, and equilibrium. 

Perhaps you might find yourself in a relationship that could use healthier boundaries. Maybe you are working on areas in your life that require a balanced. Either way, this new moon carries the potential for cultivating these qualities whether it be in romance, business, or with ourselves. 

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Libra Mythology, Art, and Symbolism

Symbolized by the scales, Libra is known for being fair and just. In Greek mythology Libra originated from the goddess, Themis (also known as divine law). In classical representations, Themis stands in front of a ribbon while wearing blindfolds. With a sword in her hand, she has the power to harshly distinguish between one side or the other—right from wrong.

However, we can look at this mythological symbolism from two perspectives. One might portray the notion of blindfolds as turning an eye and making decisions based on emotion. The other side might suggest the idea of seeing beyond visual senses, but rather fully listening to both parties and weighing out arguments. Where the sword could be interpreted as a threat, there is more to it than being a tool of weaponry. How can we use both sides of a situation do draw and distinguish clear boundaries and balance rather than compartmentalize and judge from a limited point of view.

Harness Libran Energy to Strengthen Boundaries and Cultivate Balance

Libra or not, the energy carried by this new moon allows us all to tap into these specific traits. Drawing from the mythology and symbolism above we can better understand the importance of boundaries and balance. Without balanced boundaries you might find yourself putting up walls in isolation or maybe the complete opposite—letting people walk all over you. Think of a current situation that you could look at from an objective point of view right now. What does that relationship look like? 

  • Understand your limits
    • If you don’t know your own limits, how will anyone else understand where the line is? Setting limits ahead of time makes it easier for you to proceed when you feel a boundary is crossed. What makes you feel uncomfortable? What can you tolerate? What makes you feel safe?
  • Hone in on your feelings
    • We typically feel discomfort or resentment when a boundary is crossed. This can come from being taken advantage of or not being appreciated. What is it about a specific interaction that bothers you? Why do you feel this way?
  • Communicate your boundaries
    • Once you understand and set your boundaries, communicate them! It’s easier said than done, but this is where following through comes in. By honoring our feelings and speaking our truth, we can create space for others to show up with us. By using our sword to draw healthy boundaries, we also make it easier for us to address when someone crosses them and how to move forward.
  • Give yourself permission
    • You are worthy. You’re feelings are valid. It might be tempting to fall into someone else’s expectations of what you should be doing for a career, for example. The need of approval, whether in the form of being a good daughter or friend, can sometimes blind us from our own set of laws. However, you come first. Give yourself permission to honor yourself and this will allow you to fully honor others in return.  
  • Hold yourself and others accountable
    • It’s no use setting boundaries if you can’t maintain them! We can’t expect people to read our minds—even when they know the boundaries. For example, you might set a boundary for yourself to finish the laundry before meeting the girls for brunch. What happens if you violate this boundary? You might let it slide the first time, but sooner or later you’re going to feel resentment for not honoring yourself. It’s the same with others. 
    • Address when someone has crossed the line. Remember, you don’t need to use the sword as a divider. Rather than stating from a place of blame (i.e: You made me feel hurt and misunderstood”) practice coming from a place of honest feelings (i.e I feel hurt and misunderstood).

Embodying Libra

Now that we’ve got a better hold on what it means to set and abide by our own set of laws we can work with the energy of the new moon in Libra through ritual. Everyone’s practice is unique to their own set of needs and desires. Set some time aside this new moon to sit in sacred space whether that means sipping on a hot cup of tea or listening to your breath. Immerse yourself in the quiet space that provides you with access to your inner world.

Which relationships do you find to be most difficult/harmonious? Answer with honesty and humility. How can you approach these situations from a just perspective. As your answers come to you, journal your ideal outcome and devote time to nourishing this seed over the next two weeks. Within six months, when the Libra moon is full, you’ll reap the rewards of your hard work.