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June’s Celestial Events Cast Grounds for Potent Change During Pressing Times

June’s Celestial Events Cast Grounds for Potent Change During Pressing Times

It’s been an eventful few weeks. As a collective, we are unlearning subconscious patterns and connecting in ways we might have never imagined during a global pandemic. People worldwide have come together to support those in need during a viral outbreak; our nation is undergoing a tremendous call for change in the request for racial injustices. While these times may feel pressing, we are ushered into a new paradigm. June’s celestial events are a reflection and opportunity to step into this space from the heart. 

The celestial lists I share are a product of my own wonder and awe for the heavenly planes. However, I am not an expert. With that being said, I felt called to share alignment astrologer’s, Stevie Medina, recent forecast to provide additional knowledge and resources for our community as an introduction to this month’s list of stellar events.

Image via Stevie Medina’s Instagram; Art by @garnavasarsdian

“The first eclipse of the year 2020 is today at 3:13 PM ET. You ready for change? It’s here. This Sagittarius Blood Moon will eclipse the world and after it things will never be the same. The eclipses of 2020 started with a FULL MOON so we could ILLUMINATE what needed to be let go before we could begin creating something completely new as a collective on June 21 with the New Moon in Cancer, Solar Eclipse. Give yourself plenty of space today to be with this eclipse. Rest. Choose to let go of what no longer serves you, especially in the first half of the day before the eclipse itself. I encourage you to feel into this eclipse portal and shed what needs to be shed as this crossing of the luminaries over the nodes is cleansing. Let go dear ones. Let yourselves be held with faith in the universe,” —alignment astrologer, Stevie Medina, shares on recent Instagram forecast post.

She will be donating 50% of proceeds to Campaign Zero, in support of black lives matter and ending police brutality. You can learn more about Stevie’s offerings on her website, Starry Alignment.

June 5: Full Moon in Sagittarius & Lunar Eclipse

Tonight’s full moon falls under the fiery and adventurous sign of Sagittarius. Collectively, we are undergoing a ritualistic burn in light of the ceremony for a string of injustices that have occurred. This moon is also square warrior planet Mars. As we know, the celestial events are but a birds-eye view of the microcosm here on Earth. While the reflections from above to below are evident, perhaps we might explore what this means for us on a personal level? How can we look at fiery and war-like aspects within ourselves as pillars of strength and love? 

The year 2020 has not failed to unearth secrets hidden from the public eye, and quite frankly, this only half of it. As we enter the summer months, tonight’s lunar eclipse will cast immense change and set the tone for the remainder of the year. 

June 6-7: Saturn, Jupiter & Mars Visible in Morning Sky

Image via Star Walk

Two of the most massive planets in our solar system, Saturn and Jupiter, alongside warrior planet, Mars, will be visible in the morning sky all month long, starting this weekend. Depending on your location, these planets will be visible from midnight to just before dawn. As the full moon wanes, Jupiter and Saturn can be found near the illuminating disk this weekend.

According to Sky & Telescope, Jupiter and Saturn are viewable in the south-southeast closer to sunrise. For those who are commuting to work during this time, this celestial event makes for a heavenly morning sky-gazing experience. To best observe Jupiter, Saturn and Mars find a clear path along the horizon. You’ll want to have the least amount of objects obstructing your view. 

June 14: Asteroid Palla Passes

Palla is one of the four largest asteroids that pass planet Earth. On June 14, sky-gazers will have the opportunity of witnessing this celestial body dance along our orbit.

According to In the Sky, Pallas will be observable in the tri-state area in the evening. In the Sky also provides users to adjust their location for location-based news and timezones for optimal viewing.

Pallas will be crossing in orbit at its closest (perigee) and will be at it’s brightest. However, even at its brightest, this object is faint to the naked eye. For those who wish to see this giant asteroid, it is recommended to use a pair of binoculars.

June 20: Summer Solstice

According to Earth Sky, the 2020 June solstice happens on June 20 at 4:44 PM CDT in North America. As Earth’s northern hemisphere moves closer to the sun, hotter and longer days await as we move into this season. I see this solstice as the beginning of the next and new half. We’re only six months into what seems to have been a chaotic year. With all of the new information and insights that have been brought into our awareness, my prayer is this next chapter provides grounds for heart-led action and integration. 

We see in clarity and act with integrity. Despite the hardships and dark of the winter nights, summer arrives to shed light on our awareness and strip any biases. While this summer may not be the same as previous years with physical distancing practices still in place, there is no reason we shouldn’t continue to celebrate, reflect, and persevere. 

For those who are familiar with yoga, one of my favorite aspects is the idea of harmony in poses. What we practice on one side—whether it be tree pose, lizard, eagle, etc.—we must practice on the other. In this specific example, we are invited to practice our pose of knowledge and wisdom on a new side. What does this feel like for you? 

June 21: New Moon in Cancer & Annular Solar Eclipse  

Image via Global Light Minds

We stepped into the month with a full moon and lunar eclipse. As we exit, not only do we enter through a new moon and solar eclipse, but we are brought to a space of reflection. What have we reaped since the full moon? What can we now plant as a manifesting prayer upon this new moon in Cancer? These are just a few questions to sit with on June 21 as we welcome a powerful solar eclipse. 

Get ready for an electric summer as this eclipse will cast potential for change regarding tradition and security. Some questions and ideas to reflect on revolve around personal and collective history. Before we go out to create change in the world, we must first see it in ourselves. What have you learned? Where do you wish to see yourself? What steps, if you haven’t already, can you take to bring this to fruition. Remember, new moons are perfect for manifestation.