It’s Time To Begin Your Lucid Dream Journey

It’s Time To Begin Your Lucid Dream Journey

The ability to lucid dream not only increases your awareness of the dream, but it provides a new sense of freedom that you can take with you in reality’s waking moments. We’re spending a third of our lives sleeping. Let’s make the most of it through the power of lucid dreaming.

When we take into consideration the number of distractions at the palm of our hands, it’s questionable as to the quality of sleep we’re experiencing on a day to day basis. Lucid dreaming is an excellent tool in not only deepening our sleep experience but also in finding solutions to puzzles we experience during our waking moments.

What is lucid dreaming?

It’s when the dreamer becomes aware they are dreaming. When one becomes lucid there are a couple of things that can happen. You either take this new awareness and become the maker of your dreams or you wake yourself up from the overwhelming excitement. In the beginning, you might wake up at first. It’s exciting stuff, but with practice, you’ll let your lucidity guide you deeper into the dream.


The benefits of lucid dreaming are endless, but how you choose to make your dreams work for you will dictate your experience unfolds.

For example, in a recent lucid dream, I found myself at the beach. I remembered my plans to take surf lessons this summer, but also felt a small amount of fear toward the waves. I took this opportunity and the safety of my dreamscape to get in the water and surf. Suddenly, the unnecessary fear began to dissipate. The awareness I had in my dream allowed me to feel what it’s like to be carried by the waves and I was reminded that there is nothing to fear.

This is just one example but think about the unnecessary fears you have in your own life. Maybe you want to start a project, but don’t know where to begin. Perhaps you want to learn how to decrease your anxiety and discover the root behind it. Lucid dreaming allows you to practice real-life skills in an environment that encourages you to enact in real life. If you are creative, you might even find yourself learning more about the characters in your novel and then apply that to your writing.

Let’s get lucid:

There are so many ways to reach lucidity. The main thing you need to do is to realize you are even dreaming in the first place. We typically go move throughout our dreams completely unaware of the fact that we are in a different dimension. Once we wake up we might even forget it all even happened. This is where it becomes crucial to be deliberate about where you direct your awareness to begin lucid dreaming.

Here are a few ways you can do this.

  1. Reality Checks
  2. Palm Comparison
  3. Dream Journal

These three techniques are simple and can be done with ease throughout your day.

Reality Check:

A reality check is very simple and can be done whether you are reading a book or finishing a task at work. This is how it works. Our minds cannot project the same details in an image in a continuous fashion during a dream. This is because the “reality” around us is being made up as we go along. When we are awake, for example, the text on a billboard is fixed.

Practice doing reality checks often throughout your day. The more you do this, the more it becomes a habit, and when you notice the billboard in your dream say something different at a second glance, you’ll become aware that you are dreaming.

Some additional ways to do this throughout your day is to look at a digital clock. Check the time and then look away. When you look back you’ll notice that different numbers appear before your eyes. You can also do this when you’re reading a book or a text. This habit is fairly simple and highly effective for beginners who seek to begin lucid dreaming.

Palm Comparison:

This is similar to reality checks with time or text in the sense that our minds can’t project the same image details continuously. It’s also an effective and beginner friendly technique.

In addition, our hands are always beneath our knows. How often do we really take the time to look at them and notice details? Not that often. Due to this, it’s easy not to pay as much attention to them in a dream either.

Be deliberate about the way you look at your hands throughout the day. Count your 5 fingers, notice the state of your nails, etc… If you’re awake, your hands will be the same. If you’re dreaming, you might see an extra finger on your hand. This will bring you the level of awareness needed for lucid dreaming.

Dream Journal:

This one takes a bit more time and commitment than the first two techniques, but the rewards are worth it. Dream journaling allows you to form a deeper relationship with your dream, increase dream memory, and recognize patterns. This is crucial when it comes to lucid dreaming. The deeper your relationship with your dreams, the more you learn about your inner world. The better your dream memory becomes, you increase your ability to become lucid. Recording your dreams allows you to see patterns that occur and these patterns serve as a fruitful source to increase your awareness and become lucid. There are techniques you should keep in mind for maximizing your results. An easy place to start is by utilizing effective dream journaling techniques to become lucid. The act of remembering and recording your dreams on a frequent basis helps in bringing you to a higher state of awareness when you are in a dream state. You’ll notice vivid details that you might have otherwise overlooked. 

What are your experiences with lucid dreaming? Do you experience them often or are you completely new to this? 

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Very inspiration talk of a very unique topic. I’m 64 years old and ready to try something new.I will take your advise and start a dream journal. Can’t wait to see what I will discover.
Thanks Michelle!

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