Grounding: What Is Earthing?

Grounding: What Is Earthing?


When we are grounded we are in tune with the things that matter most to us. We are humble, balanced, centered and strong. In a modern world where convenience takes precedence, how can we create balance between jumping to the next best thing and finding strength in stillness? While there are many ways to ground ourselves whether through meditation, humility and relationships, connecting to the Earth’s surface proves to be one of the most beneficial approaches. After all, we are bioelectrical beings on an electrically charged planet.

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What Is Earthing?

The majority of the western population spend their time working in front of a desk, sitting for long hours and wearing protective footwear. This is a common lifestyle that blocks a lot of the benefits the natural world provides the human body for free. As we spend more time in front of bright screens, stress levels increase and take a toll on our well-being. It is said that spending just 30 minutes in nature per week reaps many physical and mental health benefits.

Earthing is the practice of walking barefoot on the ground and allowing it’s negative charge to balance our positively charged bodies. This allows the magnetic field surrounding our body to come into contact with the field emanating from the depths of our planet. It is a very simple, yet highly controversial topic. However, there is no denying the healing properties of the natural world.

We have evolved to walk upright and spent thousands of years travelling on foot. Yet it has only been in recent centuries where man has sheltered their feet with soles consisting of manmade material. While footwear has proven to aid and protect us it has also created a separation between skin and earth. When we spend time connecting with the soil and letting it dance between our toes, we open ourselves up to a healing exchange in energy. Earthing is a grounding method achieved by walking on the soil with your bare feet.

Health Benefits:

Directly connecting with the earth allows your body to absorb the planet’s limitless supply of electrons. Studies suggest these electrons act as antioxidants neutralizing free radicals that result from inflammation and toxins. Free radicals are dangerous because they attach and bind themselves to normal cells in the body ultimately causing damage to health.

  • Decrease Inflammation: Chronic inflammation can lead to organ and DNA damage ultimately resulting in disease.
  • Reduce Stress Levels: Stress in a normal part of life, but too much of it can bring on various illnesses whether in the physical body, mind or spirit.
  • Improve Circulation: When our circulation is blocked, oxygen has a hard time making its way to the brain and other organs.

Grounding on a Daily Basis:

Connecting to Earth’s healing properties doesn’t have to be complicated or take you away from being productive. In fact, this time is crucial in recharging your batteries so to speak. While I personally recommend earthing as a preferred method to ground, there are other ways to achieve balance with the natural world both within and without.


The Grounded is an earthing documentary telling the story of an Alaskan filmmaker who channeled the planet’s energy into his home using a grounding rod. He shares how this frequent practice cured many of his physical ailments. If walking barefoot doesn’t work for you, perhaps you might explore indoor options such as bed and body pads that are just as conductive. By making this a daily practice, not only does earthing allow for a healthy lifestyle but it allows you to connect with yourself. As we spend more time outside, we are reminded that nature isn’t something we go out to enjoy. It is something we possess. Nurturing this creates balance in the tech-forward world we live in.   

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love the article! reminds me of the root chakra. next time i go for a nature walk i’ll ditch the sandals

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