Goddess Spotlight: Micayla Rose On Upcoming Children’s Book ‘Mythical Mika & The Land of Light’

Avatar Michelle Estevez | June 20, 2019

Harnessing the Power of Mindfulness and Meditation to Co-Create a New Age Fairytale

Strength comes in many forms and in the land of light, Mika sets out on a quest to overcome a dark curse blanketing its people. Through magical themes and storylines, this nine-part children’s book serves as a channel introducing concepts such as the ego and enlightenment. I got the chance to connect with the author and illustrator, Micayla Rose. We discussed her creative process, the importance of mental health awareness, cultivating mindfulness, and empowering the young-hearted through themes bridging spirit and science. As a woman who grew up with anxiety and depression, Rose’s upcoming series is a heart-led project that reshapes current belief systems while challenging norms to create a life of pure expressional freedom.

Diversity and Inclusivity

At first glance, Mythical Mika & The Land of Light glows through illuminating colors and magical themes—rightfully so. Growing up as an avid gamer and comic lover, Rose draws a lot of her inspiration from Zelda, Full Metal Alchemist, and Naruto. However, take a deeper look and you’ll discover a heroic journey exploring ego and enlightenment. Rose is firm on her stance when it comes to inclusivity and diversity. “I constantly push the boundaries on my characters to create a story that teaches children to celebrate their differences and to revel in what makes them unique, while inspiring them to see that we have more in common than not.”

With a cast ranging from various cultures around the world, readers can relate to the story in ways that truly represent their identity. “The greatest advice I can give to anyone else struggling is first and foremost to recognize you are NOT alone,” Rose encourages.

Illustrated by Mikayla Rose

The spaces between each line offer a much-needed narrative in today’s ever-evolving social climate. While there are strides being made in the entertainment space regarding inclusivity Rose shares, “It became a mission of mine to create a story that would offer a diverse collection of strong yet soft female characters that would allow more girls to feel seen, and would show little boys just how fierce and awesome their female counterparts are.”

Mika’s character is a tiny yet strong female lead who must overcome limiting beliefs to serve as the prophesized Mythic the land needs. Whether she is facing herself or the evil Empress of Ego, Mika is a great example when it comes to tapping into our own personal powers and creating a neverending ripple.

Shifting Old Narratives Through Mindfulness and Meditation

Coming from a family with a history of depression and anxiety, Rose admits her internal dialogue was not the healthiest. “My mental atmosphere reached a breaking point when I was in an active shooter situation in my sophomore year of high school. I was lucky enough to survive being under direct fire, but I carry the scars of PTSD to this day. For years after that event I self-medicated and struggled with addiction,” she shares. While these topics can be heavy to revisit or experience, this children’s book is inspired by life’s highs and lows to remind us of the eternal strength we all possess.

In a culture that reinforces happiness from material gain and external relationships, the story of Mythical Mika & The Land of Light takes readers on an internal journey to the deepest vaults of the heart.

Illustrated by Micayla Rose

It wasn’t until Rose started implementing a mindful approach to her day to day life where she began to experience a shift. Having left a toxic relationship and creating space to meet the man who would later become her husband, a new world was in the making. They set off to Hawaii to discover different meditation practices, yoga, sacred geometry, and ancient teachings. “It was like waking up from a long nightmare. These techniques help me recognize the toxic cycles I had been trapped in and inspired me to realize I am in control, that the little voice in my head does not run the show.”

Channeling the Creative Process

Meditation serves many benefits and when viewed from a creative perspective this practice allows for visions and inspiration to flow into manifestation. “The entire original story idea came to me while meditating in The Harmony House in Kauai, and continued to expand over many meditation sessions on the Island.”

Illustrated by Micayla Rose

Just as Mika encounters her soul guardian, a cat named Spirit, through meditation, Rose’s creation is a manifestation of a world that came to her through a series of visions. “I strayed from my creative path for a few years when we moved to Florida but was reinvigorated when we found our home in North Carolina and picked up my practice again. I became almost obsessed when I was pregnant with my son (in early 2017) and the story would constantly and persistently come to me in dreams, visions, and mediations.”

It is no coincidence that the creative process was accelerated during pregnancy. Energetically, creative expression relates to the sacral chakra—these energy points are a major theme in Mythical Mika & The Land of Light. When energy flows freely through our chakras we are able to live in harmony and realize our fullest potential.

“Becoming a mother deeply intensified and magnified the need to create a story that would not only make a lasting impact on my child’s generation, but would also equip my own son with the tools to break the genetic cycles of mental illness that prevail in our family from a very early age and avoid years of mental suffering and struggling,” Rose continues.

Embracing the Flow and Letting Go

Clearing energetic blocks resulting from stress and health issues is a big step. However, blocks can stem from other areas in our emotional and mental bodies. Rose shares, “The universe is beautifully chaotic and expecting anything else from art is silly, but it took me many years to let go of that false sense of control.”

From a creative perspective, to surrender is to allow the flow of expression to move freely. In a sense, we are but instruments playing and channeling source energy. Rose mentions, “This is the first project I have ever worked on where I have completely let go of expectations and let it come to life as it desires. I wanted to create something that I needed as a child and the only way to do that was to let the little girl inside of me run wild and create without limitations.”

Illustrated by Micayla Rose

“I paid attention and put in the work to manifest this new age fairy tale for the next generation. From this frantically creative period, I established a 64 panel sketched storyboard, three written drafts of the first book in the series, and a story map plotting out the entire nine-book series. I became consumed with creating illustrations and mapping out my Kickstarter project and like wildfire, it spread into the expansive project before you, one that now rests in the communities hands. If you guys want to see this story come to life, the next step is up to you. Will you be the change this world needs?”

Illustrated by Micayla Rose

While Mythical Mika & The Land of Light is a story about ego and enlightenment, this new age fairytale isn’t far from the reality one can create when living from a space of mindfulness and clarity. The book is still in the works and community support is highly encouraged. Rose recommends, The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle, “It’s the perfect crash course on your ego and is full of valuable tips for dealing with your internal dialogue and maintaining emotional peace, lots of which I hope to incorporate into my book so children can practice them from an early age.”

As Mika faces an onslaught of challenges in the Land of Light, her bravery reminds us that it isn’t the circumstance that defines us but rather how we decide to show up.

Consider Supporting the Project

Rose continues to show up for herself, her family and her creative endeavors through meditations and mindfulness. The power of creation is a force that brings us together. Please consider sharing and supporting the project as Mythical Mika & The Land of Light is a story that will continually light the hearts of those who experience this body of work.


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