Enter ‘The Portal’ A Film Weaving the Evolutionary Approach Between Inner & Outer Worlds

Enter ‘The Portal’ A Film Weaving the Evolutionary Approach Between Inner & Outer Worlds

‘The Portal’ Advances the Approach Toward Personal Change As We Embark on the Next Phase of Human Evolution

How do challenging and painful moments show up in your existence? More importantly, how do you find yourself navigating through these instances? No matter where we come from, we all go through trying times. In my experience, letting go and embracing change has taught me ways that ultimately led to transformative days. This doesn’t mean it is always comfortable. However, it is necessary for growth. Through the documentation of six people and a robot, feature film, The Portal shows how stillness and mindfulness can unlock personal change and ignite a planetary shift. 

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Set to release November 1 in Los Angeles and November 15 at The Village East Cinema in New York City—viewers have the opportunity to win tickets for an interactive screening with the directors.

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Directed by Jacqui Fifer, and written and produced by international meditation expert, Tom Cronin, this inspiring story is told by following real-life individuals along their journey. The Portal features a retired US serviceman managing PTSD, a human rights activist whose global work led her on a mission toward inner peace, Vietnamese refugee who overcame developmental trauma through ‘mind hacking,’ an elite athlete who reinvented herself following a career-ending injury, a Rabbi who found freedom through confinement, and a neurosurgeon who had to lose everything to find the meaning of life.

“I believe real-time change is possible, and that through the poignant personal stories and ideas unfolding and weaving together in this way we’ve got a portal to our greatest potential.”

—Jacqui Fifer, Director

Through the blending of different backgrounds and stories, viewers are paired with reflections that call to our most honest inner space. Matched with a cinematic soundscape of binaural beats, the film seamlessly marries the potential found through technology, love, existentialism, inner peace, and exceeding the human condition.

The Portal

The Portal observes how crisis affects evolution and the psychological frameworks we are a part of by asking…

“As the doomsday clock ticks progressively louder what would happen if 7 billion people meditated? Could it shift the trajectory of our planet? The Portal is an immersive, cinematic experience that answers the question: How can we really change the world? How can we approach life in a new way? Is technology a tool for transformation? What does it mean to be human?”

The chaotic moments we experience invite a space for stillness to be found. In this space, the in between, a portal opens up. Whether through pain, suffering, pleasure or bliss, strong emotions can be faced with strength when mindfulness is the foundational approach. As the characters in the film show, healing takes place when we look within.

The Portal advances the approach toward personal change as we embark on the next phase of human evolution. The stories unweave to share a beautiful truth that takes viewers on their own journey.