Celestial Events in December 2019

Avatar Flux Air Team | December 2, 2019

Celestial Events in December 2019

Shooting Stars & Alignments Propel Change During Celestial Events in December

As 2019 cools down into a restful winter, the upcoming celestial events in December heat up the night sky with much to see—both visually and energetically.

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Dec 2: Pheonicid Meteor Shower

To all of my northeastern friends, the Pheonicid meteor shower will not be visible—especially if you are near the tri-state area. There will be more opportunities this month to wish upon a star as December progresses. While some may not be able to enjoy this shower visually, there is a lot to be appreciated symbolically and energetically.

This meteor shower occurs as Saggitarius season begins. Symbolically, we are in a fiery air after exiting the water-energy Scorpio season brings. If you’re anything like me (empathetic and sensitive), then Scorpio season was definitely one hell of a ride. However, just as the Pheonix is reborn from its own ashes, so are we as the dark depths of Scorpio transform into the bright heights of Saggitarius.

What I hope you take away is the fact that we have made it through murky mercury retrograde and the sting of Scorpio. Let us now raise our glass to being reborn, shooting across the sky, and seizing the spontaneity and adventure that Saggitarius is so well-known for.

Dec 7: Puppid-Velid Meteor Shower

Photo by Jason Strull on Unsplash

This next meteor shower will be visible for northern sky gazers. At its peak, the Puppid-Velid shower is set to produce up to 10 meteors per hour. According to In the Sky, “the shower is expected to reach peak activity at around 12:00 EST on 7 December 2019, and so the best displays might be seen before the radiant sets on 7 December.”

Keep in mind, we will be approaching a full moon which may cause light pollution which can interfere with viewing optimization.

Dec. 12: Full Moon in Gemini (Hold It In Your Mind to Hold It In Your Hands—Dream to Reality) 

Photo by Drew Tilk on Unsplash

The “Cold Moon” will reach its full phase at 12:12 AM EDT. on December 12. This the last full moon of the year, no pressure. In fact, it provides an exciting opportunity as we transition into 2020. Airy sign, Gemini, is all about excellent communication and cunning intellect.

As many prepare their new year’s resolutions and goals, this full moon invites us to visit our deepest desires and bring our thoughts into form. Falling on 12/12, and reaching its full phase at 12:12, calls on numerological principles of manifesting your dreams through the power of thought. While 1 represents individuality and self-determination, 2 represents harmony and intuition. When we add the two together we are brought with the master energy of 33, representing Christ, creativity, and change.

Mark your dreams and think out loud. Thoughts without action lead to disappointment. Work with the celestial events in December and as the full moon approaches, let go of what is no longer serving your future self.

Dec. 13-14: Geminid Meteor Shower

Image credit: Sky & Telescope/Gregg Dinderman

The Geminids are by far one of the most famous meteor showers thanks to their fast and furious streak across the night sky. While some meteor showers aren’t as visible when they occur near the fall of a full moon, the Geminids differ due to their bright spark. Even with the added light pollution from Luna, skywatchers can expect to see up to 20-30 shooting stars per hour.

To observe this light show in the Northern Hemisphere, look to the constellation Orion for guidance. Once you locate Orion, shift your gaze to the left. Give your eyes up to 20 minutes to adjust to the night sky.

Dec. 21: Winter Solstice

Let the cycle continue as the celestial events in December dance around us. This date marks the beginning of winter in the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of summer in the Southern Hemisphere. Similar to the full moon in Gemini, the numerical significance can tie into the welcoming of more light and illumination.

While December 21 marks the longest night and shortest day of the year, illumination is seen as the days will only continue to grow in duration as the sun makes its journey back to summer. In this example, we are again being presented with 1212—or master energy of 33.

Dec 25. Annular Solar Eclipse

Photo by Jason Howell on Unsplash

The planet will receive the last eclipse of the year December 25-26 and will be visible from Asia and Guam. Also known as “The Ring of Fire,” an annular eclipse occurs when the moon moves front and center aligning with the sun. The central point of the sun is blocked while its edges glow around the moon’s curves. From earth looking up, we see “The Ring of Fire” glow in the sky. From the sky looking down, we see the moon’s shadow cast upon us. As the three cosmic forces (sun, moon, and earth) align, we are presented with a grand reset before a new cycle begins.

Energetically, when the sun, moon, and earth align this can signify putting differences aside and uniting as one.

Celestial Events in December Propel Us Into 2020

December is filled with celestial lights to match the warm holiday energy upon us. With meteor showers to dance across the sky, there is more to this sky report than visual pleasure. December signifies the start of winter and the end of a cycle. As we have seen, there is a lot of 3 energy this month with the full moon, winter solstice, and solar eclipse. As we step into the new year of 2020, we progress to the next numerical of 4.

Take the celestial events in December as an opportunity to reflect on the overall energy of 2019. How has it served as preparation for the wave of ascension 2020 brings?