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Celestial Events in April 2020

Celestial Events in April 2020

Celestial Events April 2020

There’s a buzz of activity happening on the earthly planes that serve as a catalyst for our collective evolution. This specific time provides room for introspection, reflection, and rest. As operations close in the wake of a global pandemic, the world quiets down to a soft hum. Light pollution is a big factor when it comes to enjoying the starry sky above. This makes April exceptionally timely in catching a myriad of celestial events.

April 3-4: Venus Meets Pleiades

For those in the northern hemisphere, you’ll have the opportunity of witnessing Venus visit the Pleiades constellation without the need of any extra equipment. Look to the westward sky during the evening (9 PM) to see this stellar rendezvous.

If clouds block your view, this spectacle will still be available for a week. Venus will remain within 5 degrees of the cluster through April 9, according to Sky & Telescope.

April 7-8: Full Pink Super Moon

April’s super full moon occurs in the sign of Libra bringing a focus on balance and harmony in opposition to the sun in Aries who governs passion and independence. On the night of April 7, we will see the third consecutive full super moon rise this year. According to Adler Planetarium, a supermoon can appear up to 14% larger and 30% brighter than a full moon at its longest distance from Earth.

April 21-23: Lyrid Meteor Shower

According to Time and Date, the Lyrid Meteor Shower is usually active between April 16 and 25 every year and tends to peak around April 22 or 23. Around this time, the moon will be entering a new phase which will provide the necessary darkness to view these jumping stars. You can look forward to seeing 18-20 meteors per hour during the peak nights of the shower. This event is viewable for both hemispheres on the planet.

If you resonate with the Lyran constellation from previous life experiences, this is one you won’t want to miss.

April 23: New Moon

The new moon on April 23 occurs in the sign of Taurus governing all things earthy, practical, and ambitious. Consider this as an opportunity to not only be supported by the manifesting energies of a new moon, but also with the grounding energies of an Earth sign. Taurus inspires associations with tangible truths and innovative ways to explore and generate abundance.

There is no lunar light cast during this time which not only makes it an opportune time to witness the rest of the Lyrid meteor shower if you missed the peak dates. It is also a fertile time for introspection as our mind is encouraged to peer within the darker spaces of our psyche and uncover our deepest desires. How can you bring them to life?

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