Celestial Events for August 2019: Lion’s Gate & Perseids Peak

Avatar Michelle Estevez | August 1, 2019

Lion’s Gate Activation, Black Moon, and Perseids Peak

This month revolves around an intense sun. Ruled under the sign of Leo, the celestial events for August 2019 present potent energy as we close the eclipse energies and approach the opening of the Lion’s Gate portal on 8/8. Along with rare moon phases, August brings the famous Perseid shower to its peak mid month.

August 1—New Moon

Stepping into a new month with a new moon reserves its own symbolism when it comes to starting new projects. While the moon may not be visible, this is a great time to navigate through dim areas. Without the moon to illuminate the night, we are provided with an opportunity to intuitively feel our way through.

The stars will also become more visible so this is the perfect time to look up and reflect on the vastness up above. This new moon occurs in the sign of Leo and is great for strengthening confidence, leadership, and creativity. The new moon may also occur on July 31 for some, depending on location, making it a black moon. If you are working with new moon energy to manifest, it is said our actions under a black moon is more potent. In this case, it is advised to pay close attention to the intention set.

August 8—Sirius A and Earth Alignment

Lion's Gate

During this time, Sirius, also known as the ‘Dog Sun’, beams higher energy frequency onto Earth.  The alignment is also known as the opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal. While the portal opens on the eighth, the period actually begins on July 4 when Sirius aligns with our sun. July 26 marks the beginning of the Sacred Year leading up to the opening of the portal on August 8. The celebration in Egypt, at the time of the rising of the Nile River, represented the return of abundance to the land and the people for another cycle of life.

According to NASA, Sirius has a mass that’s two times that of Earth’s sun. With an influx of light coming from our sun and Sirius, we are equipped with activation energy to take the next step in our evolution. The Lion’s Gate portal makes it easier to connect with higher realms of consciousness.

August 12,13—Perseids Meteor Shower

The Perseids begin on July 17—coinciding with the Delta Aquarid shower—it is one of the best meteor showers to experience, producing up to 60 meteorites per hour at its peak. Unfortunately, the waxing moon will outshine many of the fainter meteorites. If you’d like to view this show, plan on going somewhere less affected by light pollution. With a darker location and some patience, skywatchers may be able to catch an average of 10 to 15 meteorites.

While July 12-13 marks the peak of the Perseids, stargazers might be do well by catching it around the beginning of August where there is no moon present.

August 15—Full Moon

Following the Perseid star shower, the full moon in Aquarius opposes the Leo sun. The humanitarian characteristics of Aquarius bring balance to showy Leo. If you’re working with full moon energy to let go, the harmony between Aquarius and Leo can be utilized to embrace both the heart and the logical mind.

August 30—New Moon

August began with a new moon and closes with a new moon, making this a black moon. Black moons occur when there are two new moons in the same month. This also happened last month in North America. With darker skies come greater opportunity to embrace star showers in the external world while also doing internal manifestation work. This new moon occurs in Virgo making it perfect for embracing logic and practicality.

What August lacks in July’s lunar and solar eclipses, it shines a light with the black new moons, famous Perseids, and powerful Lion’s Gate portal. The events that happen beyond our atmosphere are representations and reflections of the world we live in. When we work with astronomical energy, we can better understand the vast universe we carry within.