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Black Goddess Magic: Melodies for the Divine Feminine

Black Goddess Magic: Melodies for the Divine Feminine

Black lives matter today, tomorrow, and every day that follows. As we continue the conversation on equality and justice, allow this melodic curation to provide a deeper perspective during the Black Lives Matter movement. Our voices are strong and it’s time to speak up—now more than ever. Speak up against police brutality. Speak up against racial injustice. Speak up against the things that do not ring true to your highest good. However, when we feel like we don’t know what to say, the best option is to listen.


Listen to Black Goddess Magic for a deeper inner-standing of history, the divine feminine, truth, and personal power. Let’s amplify the voices that need to be heard. Listen, share, and vibe.

Featuring artists like Lizzy Jeff, Climbing Poetree, Jhene Aiko, and more these black goddesses speak powerfully on the lessons of the past, the potential of the future, and the healing of the present. Allow the enchanting voice of these women to take you deeper into your inner landscape, activate your root chakra with some good booty shaking, and connect to the divine feminine within.

Lizzy Jeff

Lizzy Jeff is a modern medicine woman, cannabis queen, and advocate for love and sensuality. Her music leads listeners through a journey while laying introspective verses over rhythm and beats.


Sa-Roc has performed with Atmosphere, Talib Kweli, and Dead Prez while creating her own path through clever wordplay and thought provoking concepts. She has made a name for herself in music and film through the documentation of her career, the obstacles, and fruitful harvest of her labor. Her words are a direct representation of the story she has lived that inspires listeners to go after their calling.

Nitty Scott

This Afro-Latina goddess talks about community, evolution, and her past. She has worked with artists like The Polish Ambassador, Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, and more while also using her voice to stand fora activism and women’s rights. Her songs ring true on many issues we are facing as a society while blending a light tone that inspires movement and flow.


If the voice is a healing modality for the ears and subtle body, Monét shares this and a plethora of medicinal value for all aspects of the higher being. Her music blends sensual activation in a melodic approach to increase self-confidence, partnership, and love. You can learn more about her music and offerings (financial abundance, herbs, etc…) here.

Jhene Aiko

Well-known and widely listened to, Jhene Aiko has ventured into incorporating crystal singing bowls in her latest album, Chilombo. She speaks on the divine feminine and activates different chakra points for internal healing.

Jamila Woods

Jamila’s powerful lyrics draw inspiration from prominent figures like Gwendolyn Brooks and Toni Morrison. Her soulful approach stems from a passionate stance in activism and poetry.


If you couldn’t tell from her stage name, Noname is a down-to-earth artist who has also paved her own path. Some of her influences include the queen, Lauryn Hill, and Andre 3000.


This duo embraces and honors the divine feminine through their music and visual creations. Their sounds include healing approaches through a soulful and spiritual blend with Afrofuturism.

Willow Smith

Willow is active in ending human trafficking in the US, raises awareness through organizations, and loves men and women equally. Her openness toward love shines through her work and embodies soulful exploration.

Brittany Howard

Most popularly known for her role as lead singer in Alabama Shakes, Brittany Howard is a well of fire. Her voice effortlessly pairs with a strong guitar and pick. She aims to tell her truth and inspire others through her honesty.


Solange reflects on topics regarding systematic racism, romance, and self exploration. As a solo singer, songwriter, and producer she continues to break barriers and stand in her own identity as an artist.


Diana De Brito (IAMDDB) is a leading force in the new generation of female voices in the music industry. Growing up, she was heavily influenced by Bob Marley who helped shape her to communicate conscious messages to awaken the masses. An advocate for authenticity, she continues to write about love and experiences through full creative freedom.

Climbing Poetree

This duo has toured worldwide from South Africa, to the UK, and the US. Their work has reached diverse crowds ranging from universities, prisons, and festivals. Their words challenge the status quo, open the listener to deeper levels of love, and stand in power of radical change.

Janelle Monae

Janelle’s work has nominated her for Grammy’s, garnered support from Outkast’s Big Boi, and landed her a spot in cultivating a unique voice in fusing soul, funk, hip-hop, and new wave. Her latest album, Dirty Computer, explores oppression, race, sexuality, and freedom through a futuristic soundscape with bad ass vocals.


This artist is one for the ears, heart, and soul. Her work takes listeners on an introspective journey. While she has released several albums with major labels, India.Arie has decided to release her work independently. Her work continues to heal in the deepest of places and most hidden spaces.

Princess Nokia

This Latina-black artist has created space for outsiders to step into the light. Princess Nokia has sold out shows regularly and continues to rap for the purpose of expression, inclusivity, and freedom. While it is often over said, she is a reminder that anything is possible.


This queen has no limits or barriers as to what is shared. With an aura of self-love and empowerment, Junglepussy has a strong message for the divine feminine that must be heard.

The Black Goddess Magic playlist features the artists mentioned above as well as powerhouse voices like Ravyn Lenae, Sampa the Great, Mereba, and more. These women are just a selection of the voices I have been listening to. I deeply believe art, in various forms, is one of the best ways to understand a group of people, moment in time, and the possibility for paving our future. As you listen to Black Goddess Magic and continue to discover, feel free to share what you come across with the community.

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