Nothing is truly still when the only constant is change itself. 

Just like the planet’s core, intact yet continually evolving, the ripples of creation come from a focal point to help create a world honored in multiple perspectives.

While there are no set answers, there is always the relationship formed by asking the right questions. That is something that can never be taken from us.

This is Flux Air. Discover what’s out there.

Flux Air Explores:

  • Imaginative pursuits and philosophical ideas

  • Planetary aspects ranging from deepening our connection to the land, celestial events, and more.
  • Interviews sharing visionary perspectives to support creative projects in the community

  • Consciousness and expanding the inner-standing within to the understanding without.

Meet the Founder

Welcome to Flux Air, a platform rooted in exploring the natural ebb and flow of life, reality, society, and consciousness. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to learn more about this heartfelt creation.

As an eternal student, I launched Flux Air while attending university. My path was leading me to pursue a career in traditional journalism and media. However, the more I explored my inner landscapes, I felt a disconnect from the information I wanted to report on, and the stories spun on countless mainstream outlets. I took a leap and birthed Flux Air in 2014. It began as an online radio show to share expansive sounds, feature local artists, and explore imaginative perspectives.

A few years later, the pull to create a space where the community could access an archive of resources strongly spoke to me. This is what led to the growth of the Flux Air online magazine. Considered to be in its early stages, I see it as a vehicle where creatives come together to share, question ideas, and spark conversation. While there is much to discover externally, an internal oasis leads the compass toward the world we all wish to create and inhabit.

My studies in the humanities and media play a large role in the mission at Flux Air. From a media standpoint, there is a lot of content out there with a lack of intent. From a humanitarian perspective, we must apply critical thinking skills to the narratives we hold dear. It’s not enough to take information and accept it. We must ask questions and remain flexible in our answers.

With that being said, I’ll leave you with this. What leads you to embrace change? How does the natural flux of your life weave together to form a flow of growth? As we continue to develop ourselves, may we reflect this to the world.