Astrophotographer Captures the ‘Galactic Arch’ As the Milky Way Moves Between Seasons

Avatar Flux Air Team | February 25, 2020

The night sky changes in perception as we move through the seasons. Constellations visible during the summer find a new home as winter constellations grace the night sky. Professional astrophotographer, Miguel Claro “connects the dots” in his recent photograph as the Milky Way galaxy travels across the night sky. 

Something like a bridge connecting worlds, Claro’s work seams parts of the sky that aren’t typically seen at the same time. Taken above the Dark Sky Alqueva Reserve in Portugal, the rooted dead tree stands as a staple depicting the contrast between flux. To the left of the photo appears the “summer Milky Way” while the right depicts the “winter Milky Way.”

A stunning image, for sure, but the galactic arch serves as a subtle reminder. As the earth hurls through space and circles the sun, we are always in motion. For example, the Northern Hemisphere receives the constellation of Orion the Hunter during the winter. As the earth continues to swirl, summer months are ruled by the stars of Scorpius.

Claro’s photograph is a culmination of 22 single images brought together to provide a fresh perspective on constellations like Auriga, the charioteer, Taurus, and the Pleiades. These are but a few of the constellations within the galactic arch. What else do you see?