Distinguishing Art, Power & Extreme Urban Exploration

Avatar Michelle Estevez | September 20, 2018

Extreme urban exploration (urbex) has grown in popularity throughout major cities including Tokyo, New York City, and more. Photographers scale buildings, climb skyscrapers and dive below public transportation in pursuit of the perfect shot. It’s a mix of adventure and skill that shares the story of a city and it’s people.

The question of safety is highly considered as heights pose the risk of falling and intense injury. Another factor includes trespassing laws that can result in serious consequences with the law enforcement. These forces are strong, but not strong enough to keep artists away from their craft. Artists face the potential of death with each excursion, but while their art is to document locations, they also develop the art of precision, balance, and mental stability. While rules are in place for trespassing and safety, the world of extreme urbex photography continues to thrive. Ultimately, when does the urge to create trump the power of the law?

Meet Victor G. Thomas, aka Vic Invades, who has been an artist throughout his life. In this video, he explains his creative journey through extreme urbex photography, experiences with law enforcement, and his perspective on how this art can influence the way we view our surroundings.

Photos by Victor G. Thomas (@vic.invades)