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A Comprehensive Guide to the Lion’s Gate Portal Leading Us Through Sovereign Creativity

A Comprehensive Guide to the Lion’s Gate Portal Leading Us Through Sovereign Creativity

As a Leo, I am slightly biased toward the Lion’s Gate Activation Portal. Personal opinion aside, the reasons are just, they apply to the collective whole, and offer opportunities for evolution. Known for its sovereign and golden-hearted aura, the cosmic lion symbolizes the internal core of humanity’s potential to lead the pack. As gatekeepers, the celestial lion has ties to Egyptology, the bright star of Sirius, and the creative magnificence of shaping a unity consciousness. While Lion’s Gate is known for its immense power, there is a bountiful amount of history and information worth knowing.

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When Is Lion’s Gate?

Lion’s Gate opens every summer from July 26 to August 12, beaming high-frequency energy onto planet Earth. During these dates, the star Sirius slowly comes into alignment with our planet, the Orion constellation, and the sun. On August 8, Lion’s Gate reaches its peak and is in full alignment. 

It’s All About Sirius!

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Sirius is a star system composed of Sirius A, and Sirius B. Sirius A is known to be the origin of the Felidae beings who have been said to help support humanity in ascension. They are also noted to be incredible at integrating spirit into matter. In this case, it’s all about creative manifestation. As the Lion’s Gate portal continues to grow closer in alignment, we are all called to step into our sovereignty and create the life we wish to see on Earth. Just as the king of the cosmic jungle rules in love and loyalty, we must step into our personal power and birth our gifts into this realm. After all, we are here to share these with others. The time of hiding in our shells (Cancer season) has passed. With the might of Leo, our sun, and Sirius, we are beckoned to step into the light with grace. 

Connection to Egyptian History & Mythology

In ancient Egypt, Orion is a constellation related to the god while Sirius pertains to the goddess, Isis. Together they are known to have created human civilization. This star system is also said to be the home of the purest love and use of technology—something humanity can definitely learn from.

Significance of the Number 8

According to numerology, the number 8 is known as the karmic equalizer. This number is an achiever and is productive in the balance of giving and receiving. This goes for both the physical and energetic realms. When we think of the powers held in the 8 vibration, we are reminded to be mindful of what we wish for. Are your thoughts sculpting a reality aligned with your highest vision? The energy and efforts you give now are activated immensely during the Lion’s Gate activation portal. 

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